The southern region of Korean University Announces New Blockchain Campus

South Korea’s Suseong University reached a deal on May 22 with the Korea Artificial Intelligence Réciprocité, or KORAIA, to create a blockchain on top of that AI campus in Daegu.

According to the announcement published while local media outlet Money In modern times, the Daegu-based university plans to explain about AI, big data, combined with cloud-based technology in the brand-new office. They intend to begin accepting choose by 2021.

COVID-19 crisis as a potential for blockchain adoption growing

Kim Kun-woo, director of the Planning yet Coordination Division of the university, enjoyed the announcement. He stated than a world is “rapidly” changing towards the blockchain and AI-based society due to its global COVID-19 crisis.

The announcement also says this several Daegu-based blockchain companies have actually agreed to provide training and job experience programs within the campus.

The university will implement user friendly services that allow cohesion the middle university education and academic giving, hand in hand with experts in each of those field.

South Korea keeps cheering up the blockchain industry

The Southwest Korean government continues to maintain keeping a positive stance towards the development of the country’s blockchain industry.

Cointelegraph proclaimed on April seventeen-year-old that the Vice Minister of Tactical and Finance, Koo Yun-cheol, said the blockchain market represents a definite “golden opportunity” for South Korea, calling for private sector companies to use this potential.

Handful of South Korean ministries announced their support for the country’s blockchain industry on March 17, with the help of plans to allocate up to $3. 2 million in funding within local startups to encourage taking such technology.


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